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Subscriber Newsletter #1 – April 2015

Posted by on Apr 19, 2015 in Blogs, Subscriber Newsletter |

Hello friends! I’ve finally compiled a list of long-term stretch goals (with more to come) for my twitch stream!  The first two have already been achieved: a sub guild and quarterly sub newsletter. Four times a year I’ll send a private message to all of the current subs on twitch with info about giveaways, streaming schedules, and other exciting updates.

Zyori.tv Stream Stretch Goals

10 subs: Subscriber Guild
Guild for subs, present and past. PM me for an invite if you don’t have one already, or ask in chat channel ‘zyoritv’ on the client.

25 subs: Quarterly Sub Newsletter
This is it! Four times a year I’ll send current subs an update about the stream, giveaways, and other sub-only activity.

50 subs: Teespring Art Contest
We’ll hold a contest for submitted t-shirt designs then do a teespring campaign for the best design.

75 subs: 24 Hour Warcraft 3 Stream
Believe it or not I’ve never played the Warcraft 3 campaign- the lore that DotA was originally inspired by. I’ll marathon a complete run through in a 24 hour stream with special guests and fun surprises.

150 subs: Cooking with Zyori
Chicken Chef Zyori will record a short series about cooking fun and exciting cuisine. All of your wildest zyoriKale dreams will come true.

Second, I have not been streaming as much since April started.

This is because of Summit 3 preparation. Our house has been in total shambles with new carpets, building 45 computers, moving our furniture, and scheduling logistics/staff for an 8 team, 250k+ tournament.

Though the stream frequency for the next month will be less than optimal, please remember my schedule will return back to normal after The Summit 3 concludes in the middle of May.

In the meantime, don’t forget you can always email me at zyori@zyori.tv or use the contact form on my site if you have questions, comments, or suggestions!!

<3 Zyori

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