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Interested in gambling on Heroes of Newerth matches? You might want to consider betting on the team that manages to pick Moon Queen. It may not be fair to call her a “break out” hero for this event, but her showing has been nothing short of incredible.

As of day 2, Moon Queen had the second highest win rate of the heroes used in the #DHW2012 tournament, coming second only to Tremble. Hero data is still being collected, but it will be interesting to see how she fairs as the stakes increase.

Despite her stunning success throughout the event, she has yet to be a blind ban in any of the games streamed live – the junglers still take the cake on that front.


Although many of the teams in this tournament have been successful with Moon Queen, notably Tale’s big play at the end of day 1, Malaysian team Orange Esports have had a particularly good showing.

The Orange carry player, Jun Liong 'dabeliuteef' Loh, is currently leading the way in average kill-death ratio with an incredible 5.0 across all of his games played. Dabeliuteef is leading the way by an average of 2 KDR, as the Complexity carry player, Jeppe 'Haxxeren' Jensen, is stilling at an average KDR of 3.0.

There were two matches in particular from the group stages that demonstrated the true carry potential of MQ, as demonstrated by the Orange carry player. Beware when giving Moon Queen a free farm lane.

Game 2 from the series between ORGE and V0TE (id 10588803) displayed a nearly flawless set of moon beams, with dabeliuteef ending 13-0-6, only 2 kills short of an immortal streak.


Following the series against V0TE, Orange ended day 2 of the DreamHoN tournament with a much anticipated series against tournament favourites Complexity. They conceded a tough loss in game one with Haxxeren ending 6-0-10 on his beloved Dark Lady.

Game 2 (id 105388803) began with a brighter start, as it seemed clear Orange had a superior draft running Moon Queen, Aluna, Magmus, Engineer, and Keeper of the Forest against complexity's Behemoth, Bubbles, Soul Reaper, Nymphora, and Warbeast.

In the end, Complexity simply did not have the carry power overtake dabeliuteef’s ultra-farmed Moon Queen. Ending 12-1-14, the Orange carry player reaffirmed the power of Newerth’s current power-house hero.
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